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The NHS Centre for Involvement was a consortium comprising The University of Warwick, The Centre for Public Scrutiny, and LMCA and was funded by the Department of Health


The NHS Centre for Involvement closed on 31st August 2009

Please note that the NHS Centre for Involvement (NCI) closed on 31st August 2009 at the completion of its contract with the Department of Health.

Published resources are no longer available on this site. The Involvement Exchange has also closed, but the LINks Exchange will continue to operate as normal.

What is the LINks exchange?

The LINks exchange (LX) is a web resource to help support Local Involvement Networks (LINks) talk to one another and share best practice. Funded by the Department of Health, the LX enables members to access LINks programme information and guidance, share knowledge and experience, and discuss issues with others implementing LINks.

How the LINks exchange works

The LX provides a webspace for those involved in LINks to discuss issues. We hope members will benefit from the information and advice generated, and cascade it through their networks at

For this to happen, we need LINks exchange members to participate fully. We hope members will:

  • share their best practice
  • join in forum discussions
  • comment on content
  • build relationships with others.
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